History and guide on T-Shirt Wear


Many would not have realized or known or even bother to find out but the t-shirt was probably first conceived at the outset of World War 1, in the 1940s, some 100 years ago from today.


Crafty T-shirt Designs in the 1940s


Knowing that battle was going to be a hard and long affair, spanning the four seasons including summer and winter, the American soldiers were attired with heavy wool uniforms to combat the varying seasons. But nonetheless, these were heavy and somewhat became a challenge in mobility.

The soldiers from Europe, however, were lighter in attire as they were provided with lightweight undershirts that could keep the soldiers at tolerable temperatures. This functionality was noticed and later adopted by the Americans and both the Army and the Navy were supplied with lightweight undershirts that were sewed from cotton fabric.

About 10 years after the end of World War 2, the t-shirt, which all the while was considered an undergarment, gradually saw a transformation towards creative fashion design and it was in 1955 that the t-shirt represented a shift in attitude and mindset when t-shirts were worn as outer garments instead. The outer garment t-shirt then began to represent elements of rebellion and actors like Marlon Brando and John Wayne probably and arguably started a new generation of “rebel rousers” by wearing those t-shirts, turning themselves into icons of that generation.



Screen Printing T-shirt Design of the 60s

The popularity and boom in the t-shirt fad picked up steam tremendously in the 60s after the discovery of the tie-dye and screen printing.

This was very much evident during the Flower Power (Make Love, Not War) and Psychedelic era, in parallel with the ongoing Vietnam War then.

Clothing designers were scrambling to create new styles by tinkering with necklines and other elements.


There are many who simply perceive the t-shirt as just basic wear with no other things to consider. They just go to the store, see something that appears nice, take it off the rack, pay for it, take it home and wear it.

On the contrary, there are indeed a few factors to consider in the decision process as even the simplest of t-shirts can really dictate and define the person in you.

Wearing a good t-shirt in the right way can give you that great look and perhaps impact or change the way others regard you as. Whether you wear your t-shirt as it is or as an undershirt, the impact still remains and describes you.


A number of factors need to be considered, and thought of, when choosing a t-shirt.


Why is fabric an important aspect of t-shirt selection, you might ask. The answer is simple. It’s because you will most likely be wearing it close to your body and you wouldn’t want your body to feel unnecessarily uncomfortable, would you now ?  For that perfect fit right out of the box, you MUST try out our Oren Sport Brand Dry Fit tees. You’ll be glad you did.



Dry Fit Tees provide fantastic Fit, right out of the box

There are a few types of fabric to consider. You have 100% organic material or 100% synthetic material or a 50:50 blend of organic and synthetic. Highly recommended and most preferred is 100% organic cotton. Cotton is an awesome fabric that lives and adjusts itself to varying temperatures, unlike synthetic fabrics (polyester, rayon, nylon, and acrylic) which is pegged to one temperature which makes you feel uncomfortable. Synthetic fabrics can lead to healthy issues as well as they tend to be toxic in nature.

A basic t-shirt will have no shape and probably will not do any slightly justice to your body. It is just a boxy kind of cut but if that’s what you like, then that’s fine. However, a t-shirt that has a good fit will wrap around your body nicely as it will have some shape to it. Unless you have a box-shaped body, you will do well not to choose a box wrap for a t-shirt.


I doubt many of you ever realized or analyzed if what you pay for a t-shirt does indeed commensurate with its quality and whether the price is worthy of the product.

T-shirts come in a very varying range of prices. They range from ridiculously dirt cheap (at almost no cost) to affordable and to very expensive.

What costs go into the making of a t-shirt? For quality t-shirts, there would be the cost of quality fabric, the cost for the designer’s expertise and creativity and the cost for meticulous and attentive work.

If the t-shirt is dirt cheap, that is, if it costs almost nothing, it probably lacks the three cost elements above. If the t-shirt costs more, however, it is hard to determine, at first sight, if it is better or not.

A typically good quality t-shirt should cost a few dollars. Even 50 dollars for a good t-shirt could be considered acceptable. But when the cost of a t-shirt is exorbitantly high, say 100 dollars, you should be asking yourself, for example, what does a 150 dollar t-shirt have that a 50 dollar t-shirt does not have. If the salesperson or seller can give you a convincing answer, then you may go for it. Otherwise, chances are, you are being ripped off.

Whatever the price of t-shirts are, the bottom line is that they must be justified in relation to the three cost elements above.


T-shirts are generally associated with sports and hence they are suitable when you are working out, running or jogging or engaging in other physical activities. This is because t-shirts are basically not the hallmark of elegance and sophistication. But this is not to say that all sportyguys should be wearing t-shirts all the time just to make a statement.


A smart casual Polo Shirt can differentiate you from the crowd

Many or most places of events or entertainment have strict dress codes, where sleeveless or collarless t-shirts or vests are not allowed. However, polo or collared tees have been deemed to be smart looking and therefore acceptable for those outlets. Hence, depending on the occasion or location, t-shirts are an acceptable attire that can be worn to places like clubs, niche restaurants and even corporate dinner functions.

Should you plan to be at an event for the entire day, you may want to consider a t shirt that can last you through with comfort. We highly recommend that you take a look at our Sporty Gildan Polo Shirt collection.

In wearing a suitable t-shirt for any of these occasions, including for casual outings like visiting your in-laws, it will do you an immense amount of good to select a t-shirt that makes you comfortable, one that displays your true personality and describes your overall nature and style. And you’re good to go.

History and guide on T-Shirt Wear

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