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T-Shirts – A Walking Message Board

A T Shirt is like a message board as it sends a direct message to the people that view it.  In the business world, many businesses issue t shirts to their employees that display the company’s colours, logos and slogans.  The issue these t-shirts to their employees in hopes that they can use the T-shirt as a marketing tool.

The majority of these businesses are in the service sector where there workers are in close contact with customers.  At VI Shirt printing, we feel that this form of company advertising offers many areas of opportunity for business.  We have come up with a few tips for our potential clients to help out with your decision making process.

Company T shirt Printing and Design Tips

T shirt qualitythere’s nothing worse than seeing an employee engage clients with a t shirt that is badly torn, dis-coloured or full of sweat.  Such occurrence (depending on industry) can send the wrong message to clients.  If workers are in industries that get messy like painting, moving or automotive repair, we prefer to keep the design work to a minimum as such t-shirts will get lots of abuse.  Such abuse can put your company’s image in the wrong setting, on these types of t-shirts we usually suggest adding a name and small company logo in a place that doesn’t get too dirty. 

Simple Designstoo many times companies want to utilize every inch of the t shirt for advertising their brand and services.  While the intention is good, they do not realize that their staff most likely will not be standing still long enough for the customers to read all of the content on the t shirt.  Even if the client was very interested in the messages on the t shirt.  It is unlikely that they will “stare” at the worker for long periods of time to read the content on the shirt.

Lead In’s – A company t shirt should offer just enough information to get a potential customer interested to call, visit a website or ask a question.  In most cases a telephone number, website URL and company logo is enough information, as our greatest marketing tool is the company employee who is wearing the t shirt.

Our Services – At Vi Shirt, we have been helping businesses with their brand image for many years and can offer you our industry experience.  We are experts in t shirt printing, silk screen printing, embroidery.  If you’re interested in having t-shirts designed for your company, please contact us.  We will give you the right information to make a good decision.

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